Microbial Contamination

Whether media hype, or valid concern, the issue of “toxic mold” is on the minds of many. Water damage from plumbing leaks or construction defects are just some of the conditions that can result in mold growth. Monitoring for mold or other biological contaminants in the ambient air and on surfaces is not an easy task; each approach has its advantages and disadvantages. The Cohen Group utilizes sound scientific strategies for the recognition and characterization of the indoor environment for molds, bacteria and allergens. Understanding the significance and limitations of the results is paramount for determining whether or not a potential health hazard exists. The Cohen Group’s skills in selecting the appropriate tools and carefully evaluating the findings are second to none. The Cohen Group provides the following services related to microbial contamination:

  • Comprehensive microbial evaluations

  • Air and surface sampling for microbes

  • Moisture testing and identification of moisture pathways

  • Building inspections for water/mold damage

  • Development of remedial specifications

  • Remediation oversight and project management

  • Follow-up sampling and evaluation

  • Litigation support

  • Training and guidance