Benefits of Strategic Safety Measures

March 1, 2017

Strategically planning and effectively implementing safety measures can greatly improve worker performance and influence the development of safety culture within an organization.  By identifying the relevant safety needs of an organization and through risk assessment prioritization, appropriate control methods (strategic…

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OSHA’s New Rules Addressing Safety Incentive Programs and Drug Testing

February 23, 2017

On January 1st new Federal OSHA rules took effect regarding reporting work-related injuries and illnesses and enhanced requirements for employers to ensure that employee incentive programs and drug testing policies do not discourage workers from reporting injuries and illnesses.  While…

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Commonly Overlooked Ladder Requirements

February 15, 2017

Section 3276 of the GISO and Section 1675 of the Construction Safety Orders (CSO) relate to the use of all portable ladders. During recent visits to job sites, I have commonly found that a few of the requirements are either…

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OSHA Heat App and NIOSH Noise App – My review

February 8, 2017

Having a cell phone to take calls while traveling was a big deal 20 years ago. Now, these devices have become part of our lives and they serve many uses, well beyond simply taking a call. OSHA and NIOSH have…

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Seasonal Health Risks

February 1, 2017

The primary respiratory risk that is associated with the winter season is exposure to the influenza virus.  Due to the cold weather, workers typically work in close proximity to one another indoors, which increases the risk for the spread of…

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